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Tuff Stuff! Scratch Resistant Metal Plate Finisher, 5 Gallons

Tuff Stuff! Scratch Resistant Metal Plate Finisher, 5 Gallons


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This proven Scratch Resistant Plate Finisher will eliminate scratches and fingerprints due to handling, stacking, auto loaders, clamping, bending, punching and other issues. This product will protect all aluminum printing plates from oxidation for up to 1-week. It contains powerful biocide which prevents mold, algae, and other growth, and it will not gum up the processor. It contains an additive called "Plate Prep" which conditions the aluminum non-image area and reduces the roll up time on press by up to 40%. Fully synthetic product which will never cause gum blinding. Plates Processed TUFF STUFF! works with all aluminum Conventional, Thermal, and Violet printing plates. Finishing Directions: Finish at room temperature. Do not rinse with water. When finishing by hand, buff dry with cotton pad. When used in a plate processor make sure the processor rollers and the dryer are set so that a thin dry uniform layer is achieved. SIMPLY PUT "YOU WILL NO LONGER HAVE SCRATCHES & YOUR PLATES WILL ROLL UP VERY FAST".
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