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ITA Ink Transfer Agent, 1 lb.

ITA Ink Transfer Agent, 1 lb.


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Ink Transfer Agent (ITA) is an ink vehicle dispersion designed to aid ink setting during the first stage of drying. Because of its extremely fine dispersion, ITA can be easily mixed into any ink, on or off the press, without the need for milling. ITA will promptly remedy any ink/paper-picking problems related to paper quality or ink tackiness. Solids are no longer a problem and sharper dots become evident with only a minute addition of ITA. Without materially affecting ink or varnish gloss, additions of 3% - 6% based on total ink weight to any letterpress, sheet-fed offset, web offset ink or overprint varnish will greatly reduce offsetting, picking and scumming problems. Results consistently prove added ink mileage as well. ITA will not interfere with ink colors, including halftones, when used as directed. Maximum use with any ink system normally should not exceed 6%. Ingredients used in formulating ITA meet USDA requirements for use in food packaging inks. ITA contains no wax. It is an odorless, light-pink to grey smooth paste.

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