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IQ Ink Drying Additive

IQ Ink Drying Additive


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IQ (INTELLIGENT QUICK) is a catalyst that can be added to most inks for faster, more predictable and thorough drying. Add IQ to inks for non-porous stocks and the ink will stay open 3-5 hours depending on pressroom temperature and humidity. All non-porous and synthetic stocks have unique properties and it is important that a simple tap out test be done to insure that the ink, with the IQ added, will dry on a particular stock. If unsure, you can always send us your ink and stock and we would be happy to perform the test as a value-added service. MIXING INSTRUCTIONS Shake IQ well before using. Mix IQ with inks using the following ratios: 1% per LB for standard coated & uncoated stocks 3% per LB for tag, matte coated and board stocks 4% per LB for plastics and aqueous coated stocks (ie; currency cover) One percent per pound is equal to 1 level teaspoon NOTES - Do not leave IQ on the press overnight or it will dry hard on the rollers - Do not put ink with IQ added back into the can with standard inks - Direct and prolonged contact with skin can cause irritation - Wash hands after using IQ - Remove IQ-soiled clothing and wash before reuse - Always use IQ carefully as it is a strong drier! PACKAGING 15 OZ Squeeze Bottle (Recommended replacement for discontinued V2163 Van Son Liquid Cobalt Drier)

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