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Genie Affinity II Prep & Fount Solution, 5 Liters

Genie Affinity II Prep & Fount Solution, 5 Liters


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This chemical is a dual purpose product. First it is used in a non-diluted form, as a plate prep. Before the plate is mounted on the press, but after it has been through the dryer, the entire surface of the plate must be wiped with Genie-Affinity. This helps to reduce the porosity of the plate surface, to better enable adequate dampening on the press, during the print run. It is a very important step in the workflow, and any parts of the plate that have not been treated will become sensitive, and likely to tone on the press. After the plate has been wiped with Affinity it is not a problem if the plate dries, or is mounted while still wet. Secondly, it is used as a fountain concentrate. We recommend a dilution ratio of 2 ounces per quart. Like all polyester plates, GenieJet works much better if the plate is made wet manually before starting the press. We therefore recommend that the diluted "fountain mix" is used for this purpose. Either the plate can be wiped before starting the press, or a spray bottle of the fount mix can be used to lightly spray the plate surface once the press is turning, before lowering the ink form rollers.

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