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FPC Plate Cleaner, 1-gallon

FPC Plate Cleaner, 1-gallon

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  • Model: PSDPFPC1G
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The Primo-FPC CLEANER is by far the best plate cleaner and preserver in the market today. It is designed for use on all aluminum plates including conventional and all CTP plates. It is a white milky emulsion which cleans beautifully, gives crisp clean reconditioned surface to the background and does not attack the image area. It also can be buffed dry for storage up to and beyond 1-year.

Multiple Uses
• Removes ink and Surface Scratches
• Reconditions Plate Surface
• Desensitizes
• Long Term Storage of up to 1-year
• Revitalize previously stored plates
• Use by hand with sponge or lint free cotton pad.
• Does not separate
• Will not blind the plate surface

1.Shake well.
2.Apply directly to plate using sponge or cotton wipe.
3.Apply enough pressure to remove ink and scratches.

For storage, buff dry.