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American Conventional Negative Plate Developer, CONCENTRATE

American Conventional Negative Plate Developer, CONCENTRATE

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Conventional Negative Plate Developer, 1-gallon CONCENTRATE (Makes 4-gallons): These Conventional Negative Working Plate Developers and 2in1 are designed to work either by hand or in a processor. They contain an additive called "Plate Prep" which conditions the aluminum non-image area and reduces the roll up time on press by up to 30%. These products will not foam, will not swell processor rollers, and run cleaner & longer than our competitors. Works with All Agfa Negative Conventional Plates (SI,S2, N555,WLE, SF2, etc), Anitec, Anocoil, Base-Line, Dot Works, Graphline, IBF, Kodak, Konica, #1 Network, Southern Litho and most other negative conventional printing plates. CONCENTRATES Conventional Negative Plate Developer dilutes with 3 parts water. The 2-IN-1 Plate Developer dilutes with 2 parts water.

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