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VIM CTP System For 7800/7900

VIM CTP System For 7800/7900

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This system consists of a standard Epson Stylus Pro 7800/7900 17 inch printer that images VIM polyester and aluminum plates. Called the VIM-JT Direct Plate, the breakthrough technology provides small - and medium-sized printers with an affordable Computer-to-Plate (CTP) solution that streamlines offset printing workflows to make printing more profitable.

The advancement means for the first time small printers can take advantage of the cost- and time-saving advantages of CTP technology, without having to invest in an expensive dedicated platesetter and without employing any chemical processing or special inks.

The VIM-JT Direct Plate System allows printers to significantly reduce their production costs without compromising quality at a time when they are increasingly under extreme pricing pressures. "Printers worldwide have to compete against digital media while they are still reeling from the financial crisis," says Avigdor Bieber, founder and CEO of VIM and a successful innovator in the digital imaging and printing industry. "VIM-JT Direct Plate makes printing more cost competitive, so it helps printers win more jobs and improve profits at a time when that matters most."



* VIM JT Direct Inkjet Plates provide the lowest cost of ownership, compared to any existing CTP system. The cost is simply that of a standard Epson Stylus Pro® 4880/ 4900/ 7800/ 7890/ 7900 (previous generations of Epson Stylus Pro UltraChromeK3® models can also be used) high quality inkjet printer, using UltraChrome K3®/ HDR® ink, VIM modified Wasatch RIP solution and a plate baking unit.

User Friendly:

* VIM JT Direct Inkjet Plates are easy to use, do not change the printer's workflow and use the inkjet cartridges which the operator is familiar with.


* Proof and plate imaging are done on the same printer using the printer's standard ink cartridges.


* VIM Direct Inkjet Plates provide for an extremely low system footprint CTP solution.


* No chemicals or processor involved in post image processing.

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