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Loaded Press Wipes, 16 lbs. - FREE SHIPPING

Loaded Press Wipes, 16 lbs. - FREE SHIPPING

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  • Model: PSDSHOPL16
  • Shipping Weight: 19lbs


Exceptionally clean, highly absorbent and lint free wipes that meet strict grading requirements for aerospace manufacturing and maintenance. These wipes will work great in all cleaning environments, and work on any application for printing clean up including wiping plates and rollers.

•16 lbs of wipes comes out to 900-1000 wipes/case!
•Sizes: 12" X 13" - 12" X 16"
•Contains no binders, chemical residue, contaminants or metal shavings that could damage delicate surfaces.
•Highly absorbent fiber blend requires fewer wipes per job to help reduce waste.
•Lint free fabric all but eliminates defects and contamination.
•Specially designed to resist snagging on metal parts and corners.
•Compatible with isopropyl alcohol, MEK, MPK and other strong solvents.
•1/4 folded stacks in each box makes it easy for dispensing wipes one at a time.